Vani High School runs under the management of new vani education society, which has been set up and administered by people who believe in the importance of quality education, all-round development, to bring out the best in every child.  They themselves strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

Our Correspondent :

Mr. Mohammed Nasrullah Hyder, hails from the well-known family of an educationist. An engineer by profession, besides being a businessman par excellence, has an active part in the sports arena, being basketball champion. He has been interested in social activities and promoting education.

Board of Management Team



Mrs.B. Jayaprada Devi Msc. M-ED, joined Vani High School as Teacher in August 1991 now she is supporting us as Headmistress. she is very hardworking & honest lady. She is responsible for all Teachers and they activities.


Mrs.Nazneen M.A, B-ED, PGCTE, CIEFL, A vivacious, majestic and wise lady having worked at international level is now with us from past 4 years.
Mrs. Nazneen leads the development of Vani High School educational strategies for schools, supporting teachers and learners and working in partnership with those engaged in education reform. Mrs. Nazeen's career has spanned a wide range of educational contexts. 

Vice Principal:

Mr. Rave Isaac joined Vani High School as Vice Principal in September 2018. Is responsible for leading the strategic development of Vani High School.
Mr. Rave has a strong background in technology and operations management in high volume, time-sensitive environments, and in leading strategic agendas and process improvement. He has over 13 years’ experience as a senior operations manager in US based company.
Before joining Vani High School, Rave worked for RBS in the US & India. His most recent role was Senior Operations Manager for US & India Operations.


Mr. Mohammed Ilyas Akhtar joined Vani High School as Director Is responsible for over all work process & development of Vani High School
Mr. Akthar is a civil engineer by profession. Has over 3 years of experience into different wings of his family businesses in Right Way Builders, India.
Before joining Vani High School. He has completed his Bachelors in Engineering from Osmania University.