Vani High School Programs

Our Vani High School Programs is for students aged 3 to 15. Its wide range of subjects and flexibility gives schools the chance to shape the curriculum so that it is exciting and relevant for their own students. 

Vani High School Program students have the chance to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to achieve at school. 
The four stages lead seamlessly from pre primary to secondary years. Each stage – Vani High School Pre Primary, Junior School & Senior School

Teaching and learning 

We provide professional development for teachers, to help them improve their performance and practice throughout their careers. We encourage teaching practices that develop the ability of students to reflect on their learning. 


We design our assessments to be fair, valid, reliable and practicable. We assess what we know to be of value: deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding, and higher level thinking skills. Our flexible assessment structure maximises time for teaching and learning. 


Our qualifications are widely recognized by universities and junior collages. Vani High School students can be confident that their qualifications will be understood and valued throughout their education and career, in their home country.